For Manufacturers

We cater to manufacturers looking to explore new business with brands who have innovative business models aligned with your goals to move towards more sustainable production methods and systems. 

Anew Studios has an in-depth knowledge of sustainability objectives across a diverse portfolio of brands. We can help your company develop new business opportunities through maximizing your capabilities and know-how.


•   We can help you navigate the transition to the circular economy alongside brands sustainability goals

•   We can help promote your innovative & sustainable materials to our network of brands

•   We can give guidance on how to market your sustainability strategy and investments to brands

Business Development

•   We can help diversify your business by connecting you with brands that are change makers paving a new tomorrow in the fashion industry

•  We can give guidance on different production methods and systems to adopt in cadence with brands looking to produce in ethical and less wasteful ways

Our Way

Through an initial consultation, we aim to understand what your business and sustainability goals are and align on common project scope that satisfies those goals. We work closely with founders, management team, and key stakeholders to curate a customized project that balances creative and commercial objectives.

We would love the opportunity to meet and chat about how Anew Studios could help you achieve your sustainability ambitions. Please email us at, share some thoughts on how we could work together, and schedule a free 45-minute initial consultation.

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